The need for greenhouses and greenhouses is growing on the territory of Moldova, the greenhouse project depends on the overall dimensions of the desired greenhouse, the location of its elements, the characteristics of the land and other important factors. The entire range of greenhouses and hotbeds “Incevas Artefero SRL”, our production, can be supplied both according to already defined parameters, as indicated in the catalog of finished products, and according to individual parameters.

By individual, we mean such parameters of the greenhouse as:

1) overall external dimensions (height x width),
2) location of doors, windows, partitions,
3) features of the internal elements of the frame,
4) individual coating (powder coating, decoration) of fasteners,
5) individual thicknesses and types of polycarbonate, like greenhouse covers,
6) installation of additional equipment (lighting, heating),
7) additional installation and assembly work (foundation, excavation, etc.)

If you have a need for a miscalculation and purchase of a greenhouse for an individual project, please send your request and our specialists will promptly provide an answer to it. To prepare the most optimal offer, please attach the necessary files (a photo of the area, your personal drawing, pictures, etc.).